Leaves / Grass Clippings & City ROW

Leaves / Grass Clippings

Did you know raking / blowing leaves or grass clippings into the City gutters / streets is considered littering? All leaves and grass clippings should be bagged and placed at the curb for regular trash collections or used for compost. Any debris that is placed into the City streets potentially ends up in the storm drains and pollutes our waterways.

It is important to remember that by placing items in the City right of way you may be found in violation of the City Code Chapter 15 Sec. 15-24.

City Right Of Way

Weeds / grass in the City ROW are the adjacent property owners responsibility. All areas along the streets between the property line and the pavement are included and should be maintained by the adjacent property owner. All area must be cut before reaching 12 inches.

Tall ornamental grasses in landscaping are exempt from the mowing regulations, as well as, agriculturally zoned and used property.

Property owners who do not maintain their property may be found in violation of City Code Chapter 24 Section 24-51D. This may result in the City having these areas mowed and charging the owner for the cost of the work, administration fees, and penalties.