Bench Warrants

Wheat Ridge Municipal Court has implemented a new groundbreaking program to permit most persons with outstanding bench warrants to be able to clear those warrants.

The Court is required to enter a bench warrant for a person’s arrest when someone fails to appear for a court date.  Every Tuesday of the month, persons with outstanding bench warrants can appear in-person at 1:00 p.m., have the opportunity to see the judge and go before the court. Most, but not all, people who appear will be able to clear warrants and address remaining case issues. Some types of cases are not eligible for this program. People also cannot use this process to remove suspensions or holds on driver’s licenses (also known as outstanding judgment warrants). ​
​Please be aware that this new program does not make your case go away, but it will allow you to eliminate a worrisome warrant. Removing the bench warrant also eliminates the possibility of arrest on the street for that warrant.

This opportunity is only for outstanding bench warrants, and there are court costs that are associated with this process. You may not walk into court and see the judge for any other matter and you must file a written request with the Clerk of Court. ​

For more information, contact the court at 303-235-2835. Please be advised that court employees may not give legal advice.