2023 Ballot Issue 2J

Ballot Language for Sales Tax Extension

The language below is exactly how it will appear on the ballot:

Shall the City of Wheat Ridge debt be increased by up to $75 million, with a repayment cost of not more than $125 Million, and shall the onw-half cent (0.50%) sales and use tax approved by the voters of the city in 2016 be extended, with the proceeds of such tax, and other sales and use tax revenue as the city may determine, be used for the payment of the 2017 bonds issued under the authority of the 2016 election as well as the debt authorized by the this question, such debt to be issued for capital improvement projects of the city including:

Sidewalk, bike lane and street improvements on primary street corridors such as 32nd Ave., 38th Ave., 44th Ave, and Youngfield St.

Filling sidewalk gaps and other sidewalk repair and replacement with an emphasis on major pedestrian corridors and routes to schools.

Drainage and floodplain infrastructure improvements at priority locations in the city.

And, to the extent funds are available, to pay down the 2017 bonds, and shall such one-half of once cent (0.50%) sales and use tax expire upon the earlier to occur of the payment in full of the bonds or December 31, 2043; such debt to be sold in one series or more at a price above, below, or equal to the principal amount of such debt and on such terns and conditions as the city may determine, including provisions for redemption of the debt prior to maturity with or without payment of a premium of not exceed 3.00%; and shall the revenues raised by such sales and use tax and proceeds of such debt, and any other revenue used to pay such debt, including any interest and investment income therefrom, be collected and spent by the city as a voter-approved change pursuant to Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution?

YES: _____

NO: ______