Program Cost


Implementing the MCM measurable goals identified in the City Phase II Permit will be expensive. These tasks require much staff time and help from outside of the office, in the form of Consultants or other City agencies that are involved with the Phase II process. In staff time, direct expenses, and outside consultant help, implementation of the Phase II Permit is estimated to cost $300,000 to $350,000 per year. The Federal government does not provide any funding for the Phase II Stormwater program. Therefore, the City must fund the program on its own.

In an effort to gain efficiencies and reduce overall program costs for development, implementation and administration, City staff have been coordinating MCM measurable goal efforts with other Denver metro cities (e.g., City of Arvada, City of Golden, City of Northglenn, among others). This has helped to avoid a "recreation of the wheel" with many MCM categories, which can be borrowed and shared with similar Cities.


Wheat Ridge is a member of the Colorado Stromwater Council (CSC), a select group of Phase II MS4 communities whose representatives are responsible for Stormwater Program Management. The NCASC acts as a forum to:
  • Aid in the development of stormwater regulatory programs
  • Collectively coordinate compliance within the member communities
  • Enable the exchange of information regarding Stormwater regulations
  • Share and leverage resources
  • Serve as a voice for its members when representation at regulatory hearings or other meetings if necessary or desired