Why Should You Care?

Water Quality
Water that soaks into the soil is naturally filtered and cleaned. Water flowing on the surface of developed property picks up pollutants such as sediment, oil, and salts from roads and parking areas. Runoff from lawns can pick up fertilizer and bacteria from dog waste. The effect of one property on the quality and quantity of stormwater runoff may seem insignificant. However, the collective impact from all properties in the City can negatively affect water quality.

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Keep in mind that such stormwater runoff, after it enters streams and ponds, or soaks into the ground, eventually becomes drinking water. Just think of the pollution coming from all those cities and towns upstream of where you live! These are some of the reasons protecting water quality is so critical in Wheat Ridge. Everyone should be concerned about storm water quality because what we put down the storm drain will eventually end up in places like Lena Gulch, Clear Creek, Tabor Lake, Prospect Lake, West Lake, North Henry Lee Lake, Prospect Park, Anderson Park, Johnson Park, and more.

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