Pre-application Conference

Required First Step

Prior to the formal submittal of any land use application or site development, an informal pre-application conference is required to be held between the applicant and the Community Development Department staff.

This conference serves to acquaint the applicant with the requirements of the Zoning and Development Code and allows staff to become familiar with the applicant's development intent and design philosophy.

Necessary Submittals

In order to schedule a pre-application meeting, an applicant is required to provide several documents in advance that help to explain their proposal.  At a minimum this needs to include a detailed proposal narrative and a preliminary site plan.

Applicants are encouraged not to prepare detailed designs which might require extensive revision as a result of the pre-application conference. 
The more information an applicant can provide, the more productive a pre-application meeting can be.  If available, the following information should also be provided for the pre-application meeting:
  • Survey or ILC
  • Proposed lot layout 
  • Conceptual landscape plans
  • Conceptual building elevations or examples of proposed architectural styles
  • Proposed building materials
  • Proposed land uses and parking demands 

To Schedule a Pre-app

For more information, contact the Planner of the Day.