Monumentation / Benchmarks

Monument Control Lists

The City of Wheat Ridge Section and Quarter-Section Control List includes both NAD83/92 State Plane and Current City Datum coordinates for all Section, Quarter-Section Corners, and Permanent High Accuracy Control (PHAC) points within the City land surveying network. The Current City Datum is a ground-based, modified form of the NAD83/92 State Plane coordinate system which must be used on all Final Plats per the Wheat Ridge Municipal Code of Laws.

Please be advised only Section Corner, Quarter-Section Corner, or PHAC monuments, are acceptable as section-ties for documents containing a Legal Description, such as for Land Use Application submittals. Sixteenth Corners or other aliquot corners are not acceptable for use in Section-Ties.

The GIS Surveying Control List Diagram provides a graphical representation of the land surveying monuments found on the City of Wheat Ridge Control List.

GPS Surveys

For Section and Quarter-Section Corner information utilized in GPS surveys, such as latitude and longitude, please refer to the Survey Monument Sheets. These sheets are the official monument records of the City and contain pertinent land surveying and geodetic information, as well as photos and drawings depicting the location and cap information for each monument.

View the Permanent High Accuracy Control (PHAC) Points Sheet for PHAC geodetic info. The Primary Control List consists of Wheat Ridge adjusted values and published National Geodetic Surveying (NAD83/92) values for the City's primary control network.

Additional Information