Current Contracts/Renewals


Bid Number
Project Description
Vendor Award Date
1-yr Renewals Expire
RFP-21-Videography Services Videography Services I.O.T.K. Media LLC Jan 2022 Jan 2027
RFB-21-12 On-Call Traffic Signal And Street Pedestrian Lights Maintenance & Repair Lumin8 Transportation Technologies Nov 2021 Nov 2026
RFP-21-07 Right of Way (ROW) Maintenance Services Terracare Associates Nov 2021 Nov 2026
Herbicide Application Services
Vegetation Management, Inc.
May 2021
May 2026
ITB-21-01 Concrete Rehab - ADA Improvements Project
Majestic Concrete Contractors, Inc.
Apr 2021
Dec 2023
RFP-21-03 Connections - Design, Print, Mail Services
Colorado Community Media
Mar 2021
Dec 2025
RFP-20-27 Short-Term Rental Program Management Services
Feb 2021
Feb 2026
ITB-20-25 On-Call Storm Sewer Maintenance
High Country Pipe & Utility
Feb 2021
Feb 2026
RFP-20-16 Police Pension Board Investment Consultant
Innovest Portfolio Solutions
Jan 2021
Dec 2025
RFP-20-18 Public Art Consultant
ThereSquared LLC
Sept 2020
Sept 2024
RFP-20-05 Janitorial Services - 3 Groups
S&B Confluence Co. LLC dba Jani-King of Colorado; Sunshine Janitorial Specialists, Inc. dba Sunshine Building Maintenance, Inc.; Mojos Cleaning Services, Inc.
May 2020
April 2024
RFP-19-29 Laser Printer Maintenance Services
LaserCycle USA
Dec 2019
Dec 2024
Police Vehicle Up-Fit
Av-Tech Electronics, Inc.
June 2019
June 2024
ITB-19-06 Crack Seal Project
A-1 Chipseal/Rocky Mountain Pavement
April 2019
June 2021
RFP-19-03 Natural Gas Services
Centerpoint Energy (now Symmetry Energy Solutions)
April 2019
April 2024
ITB-18-05 Overlay Project
Martin Marietta Materials
Final Acceptance - Nov. 22, 2021
April 2018
Sept 2021
RFB-18-16 Activities Guide
Publication Printers
July 2018
July 2023
RFB-18-11 Portable Restroom Services
Clear Solutions Group Inc., dba Liberty Waste Management
July 2018
July 2023
RFB-18-12 Citywide Trash Removal, Single-Stream Recycling and Roll-off Services
Allied Waste Transportation Inc., dba Republic Services, Inc.
July 2018
June 2023
RFP-18-29 Financial Audit Services
Clifton Larson Allen LLP
Dec 2018
Dec 2024
Towing & Impound Services Connolly's Towing Nov 2017 Nov 2022
RFP-17-21 Insurance Broker Services IMA August 2017 August 2022
RFB-17-18 Bus Shelter Cleaning & Snow Removal Services & Bus Bench Cleaning & Trash Removal Services United Facilities Solutions, LLC August 2017 August 2022
RFB-17-13 On-Call Forestry Maintenance Services Blue River Forestry & Tree Care, Davey Tree Expert Company, Root Tree Service and Wright Tree Service May 2017 May 2022
RFB-16-35 Dry Cleaning Services Clean Corp. dba Sunshine Cleaners Jan 2017 Jan 2022
RFP-16-25 Lease of Multi-Function Copiers All Copy Products, Inc. Jan
Dec 2023
RFQ-JN-16-26 On-Call Land Surveying - GIS Services Bohannan Huston, Inc., Farnsworth Group, Inc., Flatirons Inc. Surveying & Engineering Nov 2016 Nov 2021
RFP-16-31 Videography Services IOTK Media Nov 2016 Nov 2021
RFB-16-22 On-Call Traffic Signal and Street Pedestrian Lights Maintenance and Repair W.L. Contractors, Inc. Sep 2016 Sep 2021
RFP-15-22 Right-of-Way (ROW) Maintenance Terracare Associates Nov 2015 2021 Extended Month to Month
RFP-15-21 Armed Guard Services G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Sept 2015 TBD 2021 Extended Month to Month