Discovering Neighborhood Art in Wheat Ridge

Neighborhood Art in Wheat Ridge of a giraffe, fuel station and a donkey

Along the many tree-lined streets in Wheat Ridge, homeowners have enhanced gardens, porches, patios, and lawns with art, adding yet more beauty to our vibrant city. When walking, biking or driving, you may find a giraffe, a gas pump, or even a donkey popping up, making you smile.

Representatives of the Cultural Commission have been busy driving the streets of Wheat Ridge taking pictures of residential art. The Cultural Commission was created to promote culture and the arts in Wheat Ridge. Browse through the documents below to catch a glimpse of the art in and around our grand city. You'll soon understand why we're so proud to live and work in Wheat Ridge!

District Art

The Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission would like to thank the Parks and Recreation Department and the Wheat Ridge Community Foundation for their help and for making this possible.