Professional Standards Unit

The Wheat Ridge Police Department is committed to providing the highest standards of service in partnership with the community. Our Department utilizes a problem-solving approach called community policing. This means many calls for service can be more effectively handled by dealing with the problem first followed by planning for a long-term solution.

 The benefits to the community from this type of policing are:

  • Officers are able to spend more time working with citizens to solve crime and disorder problems;
  • With better police-citizen communication, officers can more effectively use and share crime information with the public; 
  • Officers who know both a community’s problems and its residents can link people with other public and private agencies that can help solve community concerns; 
  • No single agency can solve complex social problems alone - a combined community-police effort restores the safety of our neighborhoods and business districts.

The Professional Standards Unit (PSU) is responsible for managing commendations and complaints filed by members of the community. We encourage community feedback as we strive to maintain our high standards in order to achieve our vision of exceptional people providing exceptional service. 

In addition, PSU manages the development, implementation, and supervision of recruitment and selection processes within the department, to include hiring, in coordination with the Human Resources Unit/Division. The Unit also handles internal investigation activities, including misconduct, as well as policy research, development, and maintenance. The Unit also oversees and coordinates the police department awards/recognition program. Quarterly and annual statistical summaries are also compiled by the PSU based on internal investigations in order to evaluate trends, patterns, training needs, and provide statistical data for recommended changes or strategies.

We welcome recommendations about the service we provide and recognition of exemplary police employee performance, as well as any complaints shared about the actions of any department member. 

Please complete the Wheat Ridge Police Department Community Input Form to file a complaint or submit a commendation or note of appreciation for one of our officers or staff. 

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