Laws & Regulations

Municipal Code

The City of Wheat Ridge Code of Laws is available online. The sections pertinent to business licensing and City taxes are Chapter 11 and Chapter 22, respectively.  Code section 26, which concerns zoning regulations, also bears on business licensing. (Part II-Code of Laws, Chapter 11-License, Permits and Miscellaneous Business Regulations; Chapter 22-Taxation; and Chapter 26 - Zoning and Development.)

Home-Rule City

Wheat Ridge is a home-rule city, meaning its voters chose (in 1976) to exercise the authority granted by the Colorado Constitution, Article XX, to create, collect on, and enforce its own tax laws.

Because of this, the City's tax laws often differ from those of the state and require a little extra care in compliance. Reading the mentioned code sections is encouraged.

About Municode

Municode is searchable and any displayed section may be printed. To obtain an extract of code language, highlight the text you want, right-click, select "copy," and paste into a digital document or email.

In contacting the City about a specific code section, please cite the section, paragraph, and sub-paragraph as appropriate so that you receive the most efficient response. 


The Wheat Ridge Tax Regulations provides more specific information regarding the City's tax laws. Any reference to them best includes an excerpt of the section at issue to allow for the most efficient response.

In the event a regulation or any advice conflicts with the code of laws, the code of laws prevails.