Patrol Operations Division

The Patrol Operations Division is directed by a division chief and managed by two commanders. These are the uniformed men and women that patrol the Wheat Ridge neighborhoods, respond to emergencies, engage in community policing projects, and support various community involvement programs.

In addition, Patrol Operations runs four special units: Crime Prevention, SWAT, Crash and Traffic, and the Community Services Team.

Vehicular Public Nuisance Ordinance (enacted June 2022)

Ordinance 1737 addresses street racing and street racing behaviors in Wheat Ridge. Beginning June 14, 2022, the Wheat Ridge City Council enacting an ordinance allowing civil seizure of vehicles that violate the vehicular public nuisance ordinance.  Read the entire ordinance here

Vehicles involved in dangerous driving can be seized under a temporary restraining order and held up to one year. WRPD seized its first vehicle under this ordinance in December of 2022.