Resident Survey

The City of Wheat Ridge surveys its residents on a bi-annual basis asking about overall quality of life and specific feedback about municipal services, public safety, park and recreation amenities, customer service, and resident participation in community events and activities.  This information is used to understand what the City is doing well and how the City can improve.  The results of the survey are tied directly to the City's budgeting process as the feedback from residents helps to inform how the City should be directing and dedicating its resources.

2023 Resident Survey

The City conducted its 2023 Resident Survey between March 7 and April 18, 2023.  This survey is sent to 4,500 randomly selected Wheat Ridge households, and is only available to whose who are sent the survey.  The results were presented to City Council in June 2023.

The survey was conducted by the Polco/National Research Center, Inc., and designed specifically for use by local governments. Please see the 2023 Resident Survey results below.

  Past Surveys

  You can learn more about the National Research Center Survey by visiting the National Research Center site.