Northwest Subarea / Wheat Ridge's Ward Station

Inset map showing the Gold Line commuter train route from Union Station to Ward Station

The Northwest Subarea is the area surrounding the Wheat Ridge commuter rail station, known as Ward Station, at the northwest corner of the City’s boundary. The area extends approximately from Interstate 70 to West 52nd Avenue and from Ward Road to Tabor Street.   

The Wheat Ridge Ward Station is the end-of-line station for the RTD Gold Line (G Line) commuter rail. The G Line runs 11.2 miles from our station in Wheat Ridge, through Arvada, Adams County, and Denver to the downtown Union Station. The G Line opened Friday, April 26, 2019.

A tremendous amount of planning effort has focused on the station area over the last 15 years, and with the approval of the 2E Investing 4 the Future bond program, several infrastructure projects are in the planning and design phases. For more information on planning efforts, the G Line, and station area infrastructure projects, refer to these pages:

Transit Station and Opportunity Zone Prospectus

In 2019 RTD opened the G-Line, a commuter rail station connecting Union Station to the Wheat Ridge Ward Station. The station and opens opportunities for commercial and residential development as well as a way for employers to bring their employees to work in a safe, convenient, and timely fashion.

In 2018, Wheat Ridge was awarded designation as an Opportunity Zone. Located just south of the transit station, this is a tract of land eligible for federal tax credits, under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017. Investors who develop in the zone receive favorable treatment of reinvested capital gains and forgiveness of tax on new capital gains. The goal is to spur long-term investment in the area. The Wheat Ridge Opportunity Zone includes land in both Wheat Ridge and neighboring Arvada.