Currently, all businesses conducting business in the City of Wheat Ridge are required to have a City of Wheat Ridge business license. Please refer to Tax and Licensing to learn if your business has Physical or Economic Nexus. Depending on whether the business claims Physical Nexus or Economic Nexus, the business might not be required to pay a City of Wheat Ridge business license fee. Meanwhile, for calendar year 2023, the City of Wheat Ridge is asking all businesses to renew their business license as usual. If the business claims Physical Nexus, a $20 annual business license fee is required. If the business claims Economic Nexus, no annual business license fee is required. See below for how to Renew or Apply for a City of Wheat Ridge business license.

Renew your business license

  1. Renew your business license online using E-Tax or Sales Tax Online (taxpayer i.d. and password are required). 
  2. A renewal fee may or may not be required depending on the nexus claimed by the business.
  3. If required, a renewal business license fee may be added to your existing end of year tax form on Line 15 (Do not create a new form). 
  4. If no renewal fee is due, you will enter zero on line 15 and complete your existing end of year tax form as usual

Apply for a new business license

  1.  Physical Nexus- Download and complete the Business and Tax License Application and either mail or email as follows:
    • Mail with check payment to City of Wheat Ridge Tax Division, 7500 W. 29th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
    • Email the form to and arrange payment with staff.
  2. Economic Nexus- Complete the Remote Seller Form.

More information about specific licenses 

Licenses Requiring Additional Approvals  

  • Massage centers or businesses
  • Kennels / pet day care / pet training
  • Pawn brokers
  • Precious metals dealers
  • Second hand shops
  • Marijuana businesses

Please contact the Tax Division for additional information about these licenses.