Temporary Licensing

Temporary Sales, Soliciting or Peddling

The City permits temporary outside sales of holiday trees, food from mobile locations (including carts), produce and bedding plants. With the exception of sales at special events approved by the City, anything else requires a special use permit to be granted by City Council. You will need a Peddler's License to engage in any of the allowed sales. The license requires written permission from the property owner, a land use permit from Zoning, and a tax deposit. Sales of un-permitted items under a temporary license granted for allowed sales may cause your temporary license to be forfeited. Outside sales in City parks is not permitted except as part of a City-sponsored special event.

If you plan to make door-to-door or street-to-street sales of goods or services, the nature of the temporary license will be a solicitor's license. A $100 tax deposit is required if sales of taxable goods or services will be made at the time or as a result of the solicitation. The Application Package contains more information and forms. If construction services are sold, permits are required and a tax deposit will not be collected. The penalty for performing work without a permit is 100 percent of the permit fee.

The temporary sales licensing package is also needed by non-profit organizations wishing to conduct a non-recurring fundraising event. Organizations conducting more than one event a year might wish to consider the standard business/tax license to save money.