Lodging (Accommodations) Tax

10% Lodging Tax

All accommodations for humans in the City of Wheat Ridge are subject to the City accommodations tax in place of the City sales tax. The tax is due on the price paid by the occupant or on the occupant's behalf, not including additional charges for cots, cribs, refrigerators or the like. Extra items are considered rentals of equipment and are subject to the sales tax. State-collected taxes may also apply to both.

Taxable Charges

Charges paid in money or other consideration for the following, and anything similar, are taxable:

  • Room or other arrangement in any hotel
  • Apartment-hotel room 
  • Motel room
  • Guest house quarters
  • Bed and breakfast quarters
  • Trailer or recreational vehicle court or park space
  • Camping space
Other consideration includes any goods and/or services, or promises for them, given in payment.

Occupant-Only Exemption for 30 Days or More

An exemption is allowed on lodging charges for 30 consecutive days or more of use.

Any transfer between occupants (consumers), persons, or entities starts the 30-day period anew by definition in Code Section 22-21. (Part II-Code of Laws, Chapter 22-Taxation, Article 1-Sales and Use Tax, Division 1-Enforcement.)

Changing rooms is considered the same occupancy if there is no gap time or absence of continuous rental.

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