Sustainability Focus Areas

Communications and Engagement

Effective communication and engagement is critical to the success of achieving City sustainability objectives. This focus area establishes consistent outreach, advocacy, and stewardship relating to sustainability efforts within the City of Wheat Ridge. Specifically SWR will increase the City’s role in educating and providing support to the community on issues related to environmental sustainability, and engage community members to take ownership and responsibility for their own sustainability practices.

Green Building and Energy Efficiency

This focus area works toward increasing the efficiency of how buildings and their sites use energy, water, and materials while reducing impacts on health and the environment. High-level guidance will be provided to City residents based on the principles of sustainable building design to promote vibrant neighborhoods, create a resilient local economy, and enhance community character.

Renewable Energy

This plan proposes a target of 100% renewable energy for all uses, including buildings and transportation, by 2050. To meet this goal the committee plans to promote renewable energy policy beyond and promote renewable energy opportunities within the City, as well as procure or incentivize onsite solar power projects.

Solid Waste and Recycling

Preventing waste from entering our landfills through recycling and, more importantly, through waste reduction, must be the primary objective when looking at improving Wheat Ridge’s current waste disposal practices. Waste reduction and recycling goals are often attainable at a relatively low-cost and offer opportunities for quick returns and possibly even revenue generation.


The transportation focus area seeks to provide mobility for residents of all ages that encourages and facilitates healthy living, reduces dependence on personal automobiles to improve air and water quality and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, increases flexibility for travelers, and reduces costs.


This focus area addresses efforts to both conserve water and improve water quality with a two-pronged approach: one, substantial voluntary efforts put forth by residents and businesses within Wheat Ridge and two, providing new incentives, regulations, or dedicated funding mechanisms necessary to the long-term health of Clear Creek, the city’s lakes, and other water bodies.