Hiring Process

Note: applying to the Wheat Ridge Police Department is a separate process

Step 1: Application received via governmentjobs.com and screened personally by HR for minimum qualifications.

Step 2: Hiring Manager review.

Step 3: May include an initial screening interview before the final interview.

Step 4: Final candidate receives an offer.

Step 5: Background and reference check (and drug screen if in safety-sensitive position, some positions may require a physical).

Step 6: Final offer.

This process can take up to eight weeks. Jobs are generally posted for about two weeks; it takes at least another week to screen applicants, and then the above-mentioned process can take another four to five weeks. We try to move the process along as quickly as we can.

Tips for Applying

  • You must use the Government Jobs portal to apply; this will require you to set up an account (you can use this for any state/local government job you apply for).
  •  Read the job description to make sure you meet the minimum qualifications.
  • Understand the pay range-we cannot offer you a salary that exceeds the stated range.
  • Check your spelling and capitalization – pay attention to detail.
  • We appreciate candidates who have done some initial research on Wheat Ridge.
  • Please be kind to our staff-we do take this into consideration.