Training and Accreditation Program


The Wheat Ridge Police Department’s Training and Accreditation Program is managed by a civilian coordinator who tracks the training program requirements and accreditation review process.


The Wheat Ridge Police Department provides mission critical and specialized training to officers, sworn and civilian staff in order to develop a department capable of responding in any given situation while serving the Wheat Ridge community.

Annually department members receive on average more than 15,000 training hours. Examples of this training include:

  • POST training; driving, firearms, arrest control.
  • Specialized training sponsored by the department: Ethics, Human Trafficking Facilitator, Crisis Intervention (CIT), Force Science, Patrol response to suicidal subjects, SWAT Command decision making and leadership and advanced critical engagement. 
  • Annual In-Service: body worn cameras, force-on-force, driving, de-escalation.

The annual in-service training program required by Colorado State Statute §24-31-303 (l) is mandatory for certified peace officers who are currently employed in positions requiring certified peace officers. (Defined in Colorado Revised Statutes section 16-2.5-102). This includes certified full-time, part-time and reserve peace officers. The in-service training program requires certified peace officers to complete a minimum of 24 hours of in-service training annually. Of the 24 hours, a minimum of 12 hours shall be perishable skills training (Arrest Control, Driving and Firearms) and consist of a minimum of 12 hours.

Additionally the in-service skills training provided includes an additional 40 hours with the following topics: Anti-Bias, Arrest Control, Driving Skills, Firearms, CPR/First Aid, Ethics, Law and Legal Updates, Community Policing, the Firearms Simulator, Use of Force, Mental Health Issues and Crises Recognition and Response, and Body Worn Camera use. Crisis Intervention Training is also provided for all officers with more than two years on the job as well as training in Procedural Justice. 

CALEA Accreditation

The Wheat Ridge Police Department was awarded law enforcement’s most prestigious certification in July 2021 when the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) honored the agency with Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation.

The men and women of the Wheat Ridge Police Department take pride in complying with the internationally recognized law enforcement standards set forth by CALEA. The department's commitment to compliance with these standards has resulted in:

    Development of a standardized set of comprehensive written directives/policies,

    Advanced capability to generate reports and analyses to make well-informed management decisions

    Enhanced relationship with the community,

    Higher level of accountability within the Department,

    Reduction of liability and risk exposure, and

    WRPD culture characterized by the relentless pursuit of excellence.

After achieving initial accreditation in 2011 the WRPD members continued its dedication to excellence and continual improvement. In July 2014, 2017, and 2021, this dedication and perseverance was rewarded with three more successful reaccreditations through CALEA. The members of WRPD do not view CALEA accreditation as an exercise in meeting paperwork requirements, but rather a tool for building a solid foundation to develop a world-class law enforcement organization. In maintaining compliance with more than 400 law enforcement standards. We have the confidence that the Wheat Ridge Police Department accomplishes its mission consistently, competently, equitably, and professionally.

The purpose of this public portal is to receive comments regarding an agency's compliance with CALEA standards, engagement in the service community, delivery of public safety services, and overall candidacy for accredited status. These comments can be in the form of commendations or concerns. The overall intent of the accreditation process is to provide the participating agency with information to support continuous improvement, as well as foster the pursuit of professional excellence.

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