Animal Control

owl in netWheat Ridge Animal Control officers are available seven days a week from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to assist with such issues as injured or dangerous wildlife, animal welfare, barking dogs and lost or found pets. If you have questions or concerns please call our message line at 303-235-2926 and your call will be returned within 24 hours. If your issue is urgent or requires an immediate response, please call our non-emergency dispatch number 303-237-2220 or 911.


Municipal animal control relates more to managing people than it does to managing pets. At a minimum, we are required to: 

  • Manage complex, emotional, and sometimes volatile situations 
  •  Resolve conflict 
  •  Apply appropriate animal management techniques 
  •  Understand animal behavior 
  •  Understand human psychology 
  •  Understand the operational, emotional, and political aspects 
  •  Understand all local, state, and federal laws 
  •  Understand the rules of search and seizure 
  •  Understand constitutional rights 
  •  Understand officer safety issues 
  •  Apply current case law 
  •  Investigate, document, and articulate findings of fact 


Basic animal protection laws are really a matter of common sense, conscience, and moral responsibility. Education is one of the important tools we use in achieving effective animal management in Wheat Ridge.


Dan and dog