Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS)

About the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS)

In early 2018, City Council requested an update to Repositioning Wheat Ridge, the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS) that was adopted in 2005. Between July of 2018 and June of 2019, over 1,000 community members provided input through small group meetings, open houses, and an online survey. The final report was adopted by City Council on July 22, 2019.

Implementation of the Neighborhood Revitalization Study (NRS)

  • One key recommendation from the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Update was to conduct focused neighborhood engagement to better understand what issues and opportunities are most important to residents at the neighborhood level. The city hired a new Senior Neighborhood Planner and Neighborhood Engagement Specialist to advance these recommendations.
  • The Let's Talk Resident Engagement Program launched in the Fall of 2020 to focus on hyper-local neighborhood engagement. Each neighborhood saw a four to five month period of engagement opportunities where residents could share what they love about their neighborhood and where improvement is needed. This engagement resulted in a list of responsive actions that the city could take to address resident feedback. For more information on the Let’s Talk Resident Engagement program, visit