Burglary Prevention for Businesses

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Good lighting, both inside and outside is probably the single most effective and inexpensive deterrent to burglary. Lighting destroys the cover of darkness under which burglars prefer to work. 

Install lights to cover: 

  • All points of entry
  • Alleys
  • Passageways
  • The back of the store (entry points, alleys, and passageways)
  • Safe and cash register.
  • Valuable merchandise (remove from display windows at night). 

Store Arrangement

Arrange your stock so that a burglar working on a far corner of the shop could be seen by someone walking by.  

  • Do not leave stacked boxes, a vehicle parked close to the building, ladders, or any other items in or around your store that could provide burglars with a place to hide.
  • If you store any stock outside, it should be well-lit and enclosed by a high sturdy fence.
  • Remove merchandise from window display cases overnight.


Here are a few tips on how to make the doors in your business safer and more secure: 

  • Exterior doors should be heavy, solid, and not hollow
  • Wooden doors should be metal-lined to resist sawing and drilling
  • Glass panels should be protected against being kicked or knocked out with iron bars or a heavy-duty screen
  • Side and back entrances should also have metal bars as wide as the inside of the door that can be dropped into place at closing time
  • Hinge pins on doors should be installed inside so that they cannot be removed by a thief
  • Avoid spring latch locks that can be opened by using a knife blade, a thin piece of metal, or a plastic strip


Window security is just as important as door security. Here are some guidelines on protecting the windows of your business:

  •  Use break-resistant glass, especially for display windows
  • Protect rear and side windows with grillwork (iron bars) or by heavy-duty screen
  • Check with a good locksmith to see if the security of your windows could be enhanced by locks
  • Do not place banners, signs, or merchandise in windows that block the line of sight in to your business.

Hiding Places

Check all potential hiding places, like closets, storage areas and restrooms, before closing up.

Cash, Safes and Cash Registers

Your business's safe and cash registers should be clearly visible from the street.

  • Leave the cash register drawer open and empty after business hours.
  • The safe should be of good quality and firmly anchored. Lock your check protector and blank checks in the safe.
  • Avoid having large amounts of cash on the premises. Make bank deposits at varying times during the day.  

Alarm and Surveillance Systems

There are a variety of alarm and surveillance systems that can help deter a burglar and provide evidence for police to investigate if a crime does occur. For information on City Ordinances relating to securing your business, please read Ordinances.

  • Get a system that either monitors itself or can be easily checked regularly to make sure it's in good working order.
  • If you have a burglar alarm and/or surveillance cameras, make it obvious by placing a decal on the door, a decal on the window, or the alarm or cameras visible from the outside.