Suspicious Activity

Observing and Reporting Suspicious Activity

For emergencies or if you witness a crime taking place, please call 911. 

City residents are some of the most important partners the Wheat Ridge Police Department have in making neighborhoods safe and improving quality of life. Residents often see things that may seem out of place or just not quite right. Knowing when to contact the police department in those situations can help prevent crime, or even acts of terrorism. 

Some examples of suspicious activity could include: slowly moving vehicles driving without lights, a stranger going door-to-door, strange odors coming from a house or a building, and someone loitering on the street. If you see something like this and it concerns you, please call the Police Department Dispatch at 303-237-2220.

When something like this happens and seems out of place, pay attention to as much detail as possible to provide accurate descriptions to the police, for example:
  • Descriptions of people including approximate height, weight, hair color and style, clothing, visible tattoos;
  • Descriptions of vehicles, including make, model, license plate numbers, bumper stickers; and
  • Descriptions of locations, including exact address and major intersections.