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Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Active Adult Center Committee 

6363 W. 35th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

(303) 205-7500

Link: Active Adult Center Committee Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Slater, Carmon Vice Chair 303-921-4508  
Kastella, Patricia Chair 720-404-5283  
Osborn, Colleen Secretary 303-238-4250  
Hernandez, Sylvia District II Committee Member 720-518-7261  
Luxner, Jeanette District I Committee Member 303-232-4701  
Chuey, Catherine Committee Member At Large 303-239-8852  
Osborn, Colleen District I Committee Member 303-238-4250  
Keller, Susan District I Committee Member 419-563-5900  
Ladenburger, JoEllen District I Committee Member 303-239-6953  
McKenzie, Pamela (Penny) District II Committee Member 303-425-9336  

Board of Adjustment 

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Link: Board of Adjustment Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bradford, Dan District I Representative   (303) 238-3351  
Page, Betty Jo District I Representative   (303) 232-9105  
Burney, Thomas District II Representative 317-260-0735  
Richmond, Larry District II Representative   (303) 423-8245  
Sicard, Laura District III Representative   (303) 475-4937  
Griffeth, Michael District III Representative   (303) 237-4346  
Hovland, Paul M. District IV Representative   (303) 456-9033  
Pearlman, Jesse District IV Representative   720-333-1538  
DeVries, Robert Alternate   (303) 994-4599  
Amoor, Andre Alternate   562-673-2254  

Building Code Advisory Board 

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Link: Building Code Advisory Board Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abo, Ronald District III Representative (303) 202-3537  
Kellow, John District IV Representative (303) 525-4663  
Hoppe, Nathan At Large Representative (720) 339-7213  
Gallo, Al District I Representative 720-621-3006  
McCollough, Jason District II Representative 303-249-9783  

Cultural Commission 

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Link: Cultural Commission Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Burney, Lindsay District IV Representative 765-225-8013  
Daly, Celia Vice Chair, District I Representative 404-409-2118  
Kelley, Beth District II Representative 720-323-9573  
Plummer, Kathy District III Representative 303-887-4788  
VACANT, . District III Representative -  
Kelley, Brendan District IV Representative 808-214-7406  
Hurlburt, Liz At-Large Representative 720-745-5073  
Martell, Kathleen Chair, District I Representative 303-638-4551  
Josten, Jesi District II Representative 303-349-3537  

Election Commission 

7500 W. 29th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

(303) 235-2823

Link: Election Commission Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Garcia, Sunny Election Commissioner   (303) 478-1281  
Sang, Wanda Election Commissioner   (303) 235-2823  

Housing Authority 

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Link: Wheat Ridge Housing Authority Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kinghorn, Cheyanne District I Representative   (615) 573-3206  
Harr, Chad District II Representative   (303) 489-5748  
Abbott, Thomas District III Representative   (303) 233-9655  
Thompson, Janice District IV Representative      
Weaver, Amanda City Council Representative   (303) 725-8748  

Liquor License Authority 

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Link: Liquor License Authority Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Ortiz, Lenny District II Representative   (303) 940-4723  
Shaw, Cynthia District IV Representative   (720) 724-4092  
Rollo, Brian District I Representative   435-655-1651  
Stites, Juanita District II Representative 303-423-8360  
Volk, Edward District III Representative 612-867-2751  
Richards, Morgan District I Representative 720-935-3512  
Romano, Tony District III Representative   303-888-1234  
Fullard, Clarence District IV Representative   303-968-5903  

Parks & Recreation Commission 

4005 Kipling St.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Link: Parks & Recreation Commission Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Koniz, Kathy District III Representative (303) 238-3904  
Habben, Ralph District I Representative 816-225-9660  
Doody, Mark District III Representative 303-912-6995  
Rollo, Cambria Chair, District I Representative 385-222-6608  
Stanley, Karen District II Representative 720-855-8808  
Cervera, Pat Vice Chair, District IV Representative 303-422-7592  
Rasmussen, Andy District IV Representative 970-403-2665  
Samaniuk, Christine District II Representative 518-469-3913  

Planning Commission 

7500 W 29th Avenue
2nd Floor
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Link: Planning Commission Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
DiTullio, Jerry District I Representative 720-253-6785  
Schelke, Jonathan District I Representative 517-648-5366  
Disney, Kristine District II Representative   (303) 909-6036  
Graeve, Daniel District II Representative 720-380-1433  
Quinn, Patrick District III Representative 303-594-4556  
Kerns, Will District III Representative   (303) 815-4264  
VACANT, - District IV Representative    
Leo, Janet District IV Representative   (303) 829-2090  

Renewal Wheat Ridge 

7500 W 29th Avenue
1st Floor
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

(303) 235-2806

(303) 234-5924

Link: Renewal Wheat Ridge Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bahrenburg, James District II Representative   (303) 940-1111  
Art, Steve Executive Director (303) 235-2806  
Nicholson, Shane Vice Chair - Representative At-Large (303) 291-1105  
Pettit, Walt Chair of Board - Representative At-Large (303) 425-4124  
Hughes, Marcia District III Representative 303-888-8797  
Bird, Chris District IV Representative 303-825-8117  
Vacant, - District II Representative      
Tanner, Celeste District I Representative 303-573-6500  
Stern, Julianne District II Representative    

Wheat Ridge Community Foundation 

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Link: Wheat Ridge Community Foundation Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bushell, Art Board Member   (303) 232-1225  
DiTirro, Loretta Board Member   (303) 594-1520  
Gilmore, Curtis Chair   (303) 422-6477  
Jahn, Cheri Board Member   (303) 667-1186  
McBride, Beth Board Member   (303) 233-8314  
Open, Vacany Board Member      
Peterson, David Board Member   (303) 467-9774  
Ripp, Tom Vice Chair   (303) 940-8276  
Sasa, Floyd Board Member   (303) 431-1443