Find Your Zoning


All properties within the City of Wheat Ridge are zoned. Zoning regulates what land uses are allowed and establishes rules for how property can be developed (i.e., setbacks, height restrictions, etc.). There are many different zone districts within the city including residential, commercial, industrial, mixed use, and planned development zoning.

All land within Jefferson county was zoned in 1944. In 1969 when the City of Wheat Ridge was incorporated, the zoning from the county was adopted for all properties that became a part of Wheat Ridge. The current zoning ordinance became law in the City of Wheat Ridge in 2001. The planned development regulations were revised in 2007. In 2010, mixed use zone districts were created to promote mixed use development in targeted areas of the city.

Find Your Zoning

The interactive property information map includes a Zoning Districts layer. Make sure the other colorful layers are turned off (such as the City Council districts) to ensure the zone district layer colors display accurately. To verify what is on the map, or if you have additional questions, call the Zoning Hotline at 303-234-5931 or email Typically, just a street address is needed. A PDF of the zoning map is also available by request. The zoning map is updated as frequently as possible but may not reflect the most up-to-date zoning if a property was recently rezoned. 

Zone Districts

  • Commercial Districts & Permitted Uses: Many commercial properties are also located in overlay zones as described in the Architectural and Site Design Manual (ASDM); for those properties within Traditional or Contemporary Overlay zones, a build-to requirement applies in lieu of the front setback requirement. 
  • Planned Development Districts: Planned Developments are property or location-specific and information can be requested for individual Planned Developments by contacting the Zoning Hotline.
    • Planned Residential Development (PRD)
    • Planned Commercial Development (PCD)
    • Planned Industrial Development (PID)
    • Planned Mixed Use Development (PMUD)
  • Mixed Use Districts & Permitted Uses: The Mixed Use code contains all of the requirements for Mixed Use zone districts including building height, setbacks/build-to, design, open space, and parking. 
    • Mixed Use Neighborhood (MU-N)
    • Mixed Use Commercial (MU-C)
      • Transit Oriented Development (MU-C TOD)
      • Interstate (MU-C Interstate)