Wheat Ridge Residents who need to be fingerprinted for a variety of reasons, including liquor license applications, civil court order and realtor licenses, can no longer be fingerprinted at the Wheat Ridge Police Department.

“In accordance with Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s new CABS (Colorado Applicant Background Services) program, WRPD will no longer provide fingerprinting services after Thurs, Sept 27, 2018. All Colorado residents will be required to have employment, licensing and other background fingerprinting done at one of the state’s approved vendors. This change is required by legislation and per the law, we can no longer offer the service,” stated Chief Dan Brennan Wheat Ridge Police Department. 

What you need to know:

  • The City of Wheat Ridge Licensing Division has changed their fingerprinting procedures in response to Senate Bill 17-189. This includes fingerprinting required for employment, as well as marijuana and liquor licensing.
  • The Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) implemented the Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) on September 27, 2018.
  • To use this service, users need to go online to one of the state approved vendors to register, schedule an appointment, and pay for fingerprinting.

New Streamlined Process:

  1. Online Registration - Register through the online Enrollment Center
  2. Provide identification information and the entity requesting the report. The CBI Unique ID for MARIJUANA, LIQUOR AND MASSAGE LICENSEES ONLY in the City of Wheat Ridge is CONCJ6222. All other types of prints should inquire with their requesting organization.
  3. Convenient Location and Time - Use the Enrollment Center to select a convenient location, date and time for an appointment.
  4. Payment or Billing Account - After providing all required information pay with either credit card, money order or provide a billing account number if provided by the requesting institution.
  5. Confirmation - An appointment confirmation will be provided with the Order Number by text and by email.
  6. Fingerprinting - Go to the fingerprint location at the scheduled time. Provide the Order Number to the enrollment agent along with a government issued photo ID (drivers license, state issued ID, US passport or foreign-issued passport). Livescan fingerprints, digital photo and digital signature are then captured and submitted to CBI.
  7. Results - The results are returned by CBI to the entity requesting the report.
  8. Status - Login to the Enrollment Center at any time to see the status of a fingerprint submission.

 Approved Vendors:


Please call 720-292-2722, toll free 833-224-2227 or email

**PLEASE NOTE** Individuals who need to be fingerprinted for Jefferson County Court ordered prints pursuant to a Wheat Ridge police case or for Interstate Compacts involving treatment facilities in the City of Wheat Ridge will still be printed at the Wheat Ridge Police Department. See the Police Records page for how to schedule an appointment, which is mandatory for these types of prints.