Mail Disposition

Mail Disposition Procedure

 When a Defendant lives at least 75 miles outside of Wheat Ridge, CO but receives a NON-PAYABLE TRAFFIC citation or some CRIMINAL citations within the City of Wheat Ridge, CO the Defendant can petition the court for a mail disposition. This includes those Defendants who may be gravely ill or disabled but reside within this 75 mile radius.

Please note that Defendant must comply with the following procedures within fourteen (14) days prior to their regularly scheduled court date:

  1. Download the Motion for Disposition By Mail stating the reason for this request. This motion must be signed by you, or your attorney of record and include your name, case number, current address and phone number.
  2. Download the Advisement of Rights. You must read and sign this advisement. If you do not understand these rights, then do not sign this document. However, a plea will not be mailed to you until the court receives the signed advisement of rights.
  3. Attach a copy of a bill that verifies your current address (i.e. utility bill, mortgage, etc.) or, if you are a college student, verification of college registration, college I.D., etc. If you have a documented disability, please attach verification stating your disability.

All required documents can be mailed or submitted in person at 7500 W. 29th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, or faxed to (303) 235-2829. Such requests can also be emailed. However, all documents must be properly filled out, signed, scanned and "ATTACHED" to the email. Email attachments to:

YOU MUST follow these instructions carefully and ensure they are adhered to. If not, the request may be denied. If denied, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO APPEAR ON YOUR ORIGINAL COURT DATE. Please be advised that the court has no obligation to grant your request.

Upon receipt, the Assistant City Attorney and judge will review your request and written motion. You will then be notified in writing of the judge's decision.

Please note that you are expected to sign and date the plea agreement and comply with the date you are ordered to pay your fines and costs in full. If this is not done in a timely manner, a bench warrant and/or an outstanding judgment warrant (on traffic cases) could be issued. This outstanding judgment warrant suspends your driver's license until your case is closed.