Jury Service

Juror Guide

Instructions are included with your juror summons. Please read them carefully.

If You Receive a Juror Summons

Please acknowledge receipt of the juror summons by contacting the Court at (303) 235-2835 during the regular business hours of Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding Holidays).

Juror Hotline

You may call the Juror Hotline at (303) 235-2828 to receive current information regarding the upcoming trial.

If You Cannot Appear on a Jury Trial Date

Please contact the Court at (303) 235-2835 to confirm the documentation you will need to provide to the Court in order to process your request to be excused from jury duty.

If You Receive a Summons and Are no Longer a Resident of Wheat Ridge

You must mail or fax proof to:

Mailing Address: Wheat Ridge Municipal Court

7500 W 29th Avenue

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Fax #: (303) 235-2829

Examples of proof that you are not a resident of Wheat Ridge include:

  • A copy of a utility bill with your name and new address
  • A copy of your driver’s license with your new address 

If the Trial is Vacated Prior to the Appearance Date

You will be notified by phone and/or mail.

Answering the call for jury service from State Courts on Vimeo.