Rooney Road Recycling Center

The City of Wheat Ridge participates with the operation of the Rooney Road Recycling Facility. The Rooney Road Recycling Center is one of the largest of its kind in the county, and has received numerous state and national awards for its operation.

The center is owned and operated by a coalition of cities and towns located within the county. This facility gives citizens of Jefferson County a place to legally and safely dispose of many household chemicals and products such as:
  • Waste generated by small businesses and electronic items
  • Household Hazardous materials such as: Solvents, paints, waxes, insecticides, fertilizer, used oil, cleaning products, etc.
  • E-Waste including microwave ovens, cell phones, computers, small appliances, printers, scanners, and more (fees may apply)
Household Hazardous Materials
Organic Materials & Yard Waste (Organics Recycling Closed, Alternatives Available)
Hours and Fees

More Info
Appointments are necessary for household hazard disposal. Door to door pick-up is also available. You will find all this information on the Rooney Road Recycling website or you may call (303) 316-6262.

Did you know:
Over fifty percent of the materials received at the Center are recycled or reused. Products that are in new or near new condition with good packaging and clear labels are offered at no cost to the public at HazMart.

Rooney Road Recycling Center video