Off Street Parking Surface Requirements

Due to concerns expressed by Wheat Ridge residents to city officials, Wheat Ridge City Council adopted revisions to the Wheat Ridge City Code of Laws, Section 26-501, which prohibits the parking of a motor vehicle on landscaping or other soft surfaces. The amendments, Ordinance 1449, become effective on August 31, 2009.

Residents have expressed concerns regarding the unsightly practice of vehicles being parked on lawns and compacted dirt surfaces. They were concerned that properties that have vehicles parked in the front yard or on weeded or dirt areas diminished the aesthetics property values of their neighborhood and negatively affected community image.

Additionally, utilizing lawns or soft surfaces for the purpose of parking or storage of vehicles has a negative effect on storm water quality when dirt and debris from the yards is carried onto the streets.

the code ranger.png

The revised ordinance provides definitions for an acceptable residential driveway and approved hard surface materials. It requires certain durable materials be used for off-street parking areas throughout the city.

The new rules in Ordinance 1449 exempts existing residential driveways from this requirement. It was considered by City Council as cost prohibitive for the affected residents.

The Wheat Ridge Police Department, through the Community Services Team, will begin an educational campaign to help residents understand the changes in the ordinance and provide direction on how to gain compliance with the new requirements.