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Speed Trailer Program

  1. To request a speed trailer at a specific location, fill out the form below and read the FAQs at the bottom.
  2. Hours of operation
    Trailers are placed Monday A.M. and collected Friday P.M., However, for a period the Traffic Department may elect to place them over the weekend, Monday A.M. thru Monday A.M. Trailers are typically set for two weeks at a time. First week in one direction and second week in opposing direction. Cul-de-sacs and dead ends may have placement in one direction for one week only. Some weeks may be shortened due to extreme weather or holidays..
  3. When will my request go through?
    Requests are on a first come basis.
  4. Can I choose exactly where the speed trailer is placed?
    Trailers are not typically placed at specific addresses but placed to optimize visibility along the longest path possible, to inform drivers for the longest distance possible. Also, be aware that volume of parking, line of sight and orientation of landscape obstructions might make it difficult to place trailers effectively.
  5. Why would I request a Speed Trailer?
    Our speed trailer program is designed only to inform drivers of their speed, it does not photograph or collect any data. By showing drivers their speed vs. the posted speed we hope an improvement in appropriate speeds are achieved.
  6. If I submit a request, does a speed trailer have to be placed?

    It is always at the discretion of the Traffic department on whether a speed trailer can or should be placed. The safety of our community and the public works employees are a priority.

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