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Green Business Grant Program

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  2. Green Business Grant Program

    The program offers project related matching funds of up to $1,000 on a reimbursement basis to commercial businesses in the City of Wheat Ridge for projects that increase the environmental sustainability of business practices, building(s) or property. The goal of the program is to incentivize sustainability improvements and projects for the Wheat Ridge business community.

    The program will be offered annually and grants will be awarded, on a rolling basis, as funding allows. The application will remain open until available funding has been allocated.

    The Green Business Grant Program is administered by the City of Wheat Ridge and Sustainable Wheat Ridge, a volunteer resident advisory committee.

    Any for-profit, independently owned local business in a property zoned commercial or industrial with a physical establishment in the City of Wheat Ridge can apply for funding. Home-based businesses and franchises are not eligible. Any building owner or store proprietor/tenant with lease authority or authorization from the building owner can apply for funding.

    Sustainability upgrades and services that support resource conservation and environmentally sustainable business operations can be funded through this grant. Examples include: 

        Energy efficiency projects, such as the installation of high-efficiency HVAC systems, boilers, water heaters and heating pumps

        Water conservation projects such as high-efficiency toilet installation or landscape conversion to xeriscape

        Waste reduction projects such as recycling or composting services or the purchase of compostable materials

        Behavior change campaigns such as a discount for customers that bring a reusable container

    Operating and/or staffing costs are not eligible for reimbursement.

    For questions about the program or application, email or call 303-235-2841

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  5. Business Information
  6. Do you have an active and current business license with the City of Wheat Ridge? (While you may apply for grant funds without a business license, in order to receive funding, your business must apply for a license and the license must be approved by the City of Wheat Ridge).*
  7. Is the business compliant and fully paid for all City and County taxes, fees, and licenses?*
  8. Project Information
  9. Maximum Award is $1,000 per applicant

  10. Month/Day/Year

  11. Month/Day/Year

  12. General Conditions & Requirements

    The applicant must register the business through the Colorado Green Business Network.

    The applicant must hold a current Wheat Ridge business license.

    The applicant must be in good standing with the City of Wheat Ridge – no late tax return filings or code enforcement issues.

    The applicant understands that, in the event this application is approved, a binding Letter of Commitment must be signed prior to project start date.

    The applicant understands that, in the event this application is approved, a W-9 and ACH form must be submitted to the City of Wheat Ridge before funds are released.

    The applicant understands the grant may cover up to 50% of eligible project expenses; maximum funds granted per business per year is $1,000.

    The applicant understands that documentation of purchase and project completion is required prior to reimbursement and must be submitted within 30 days of project completion.

    The applicant will have a four (4) month time frame from the date of acceptance to completion of project to be eligible for reimbursement. If applicant needs an extension, they may contact the City of Wheat Ridge at or 303-235-2841. 

    The applicant understands that projects must follow all applicable city requirements, including permitting and codes. Contact Wheat Ridge Community Development department at 303-235-2846 to confirm project meets regulations.

    The applicant authorizes the City of Wheat Ridge to promote an approved project, including but not limited to, using photographs and descriptions of the project in informational materials, websites, social media and press releases.

  13. Applicant Signature*

    By checking this box, I understand I am signing the application as the owner or authorized representative of the business listed in the application. I have reviewed the above application and authorize the improvements outlined in the project description. I have reviewed the project budget and agree to the total project budget and grant amount requested. I have read and understand the Green Business Grant Program Overview, application general conditions & requirements (above) and application information is true and correct.

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