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Outdoor Amplified Sound Event Special Use Permit Application

  1. (First and Last)

  2. I have read and understand Ordinance 1713 concerning regulation of noise in Wheat Ridge*
  3. I understand that failure to comply with Ordinance 1697 may result in revocation of the permit and/or issuance of a citation to appear in Municipal Court*
  4. I understand that once my application has been reviewed, I will coordinate with City staff to hold a neighborhood meeting on my application.*
  5. I understand that the City may cancel, revoke, suspend or summarily suspend the business license of any business which permits noise in violation of Sec. 16-103, pursuant to the procedures in code sections 11-30 through 11-32.*
  6. I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Colorado that the foregoing is true and correct.*
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