City Attorney

Responsibilities and Qualifications

The City Council shall appoint a City Attorney to serve for an indefinite term at the pleasure of the council. The City Attorney must:

  • Be an attorney-at-law admitted to practice in Colorado
  • Have at least five years experience in the practice of law

The City Attorney's responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the legal representative of the City, representing the City in all cases and courts
  • Acting as legal adviser to the City Council and other City officials in matters relating to their official powers or duties
    • Providing a copy of any written opinion to the City Clerk when such counsel is given
  • Performing other duties as the Council prescribes by ordinance or resolution

Staff, Facilities, and Special Counsel

The City Council:

  • Provides the City Attorney with assistants, facilities, and considerations as it deems necessary
  • Employs special counsel either on its own motion or on the City Attorney's request
  • Establishes compensation for the City Attorney, the City Attorney's assistants, and special counsel