Floodplain Permits and Building Responsibly

For those properties in a mapped floodplain, almost any improvement to or at the property will require a floodplain permit. Floodplain permits are required for the construction of new structures, additions, fences, storage sheds, or the placement of fill.

The purpose of the floodplain permit is to ensure that the City’s floodplain regulations are being followed. The primary purpose of the regulations that govern what can be done at flood prone properties is to minimize the damage to the property in the case of a flood and to prevent improvements from adversely affecting other nearby properties.

The regulations require that most improvements be built at least one foot above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE). This requirement keeps the improvements out of harm’s way. Any improvements that are allowed to be below the BFE must be built with flood resistant materials or floodproofed in some way. For more information on the City’s floodplain regulations, visit WEBPAGE LINK[MW1] 

Floodplain Permit[MW2] 

 [MW1]Link to Floodplain Regulations webpage

 [MW2]Link to the floodplain permit