Notifications and Warnings


Comprehensive weather information can be obtained by listening to NOAA Weather Radio. Weather Radio is operated by the National Weather Service and broadcasts frequently updated recordings about weather conditions and forecasts. During threatening weather, live broadcasts issue warnings about winds, large hail, tornadoes, flash floods, and winter storms. Weather radios are typically available at local electronic stores.

  Picture of the Emergency warning siren

Emergency Warning System (EWS)

The EWS consists of fifteen sirens that are located throughout the City. The EWS is capable of broadcasting warning tones and verbal instructions to warn people that are outdoors of emergency situations, including the threat of flooding along the City’s streams. While the sirens may be heard inside homes or businesses, their main goal is to warn those engaged in outside activities. The instructions will include specific information about the current emergency and instructions on precautions or actions that should be taken depending on the emergency.

The EWS is operated in cooperation with the City of Lakewood and is tested every spring to be sure that it is fully operational before flood season in the spring and summer.

Reverse 911, CodeRed, and Other Media

Wheat Ridge also uses an emergency telephone notification system called CodeRed. Landlines are automatically included in notifications, but residents must register cell phone numbers to receive text or phone calls. Sign up for CodeRed alerts here: 

Social media platforms for the City and the Police Department and local radio and television stations are also used to provide important emergency notifications and warnings.

For additional information about the EWS, contact WRPD Commander Jon Pickett at 303-235-2914 or