Comprehensive Plan

Envision Wheat Ridge Comprehensive PlanA logo of Envision Wheat Ridge Comprehensive Plan: A Plan for a Bright Future

The Envision Wheat Ridge Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2009 and established the vision and direction for the future of Wheat Ridge through the year 2035.  

Wheat Ridge is working on updating Envision Wheat Ridge with a new comprehensive plan, called the 'City Plan'. The City Plan will include extensive public input to build off of Envision Wheat Ridge and create an updated plan to articulate the community’s vision for the next 20 years. Check out the plan website and sign up for updates: 

City Plan What's Up Wheat Ridge page.

What Is A Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a policy document that provides the vision for what a community wants to become and the steps that need to be taken to reach that vision. The plan provides guidance and direction to property owners, residents, elected and appointed officials, City staff, and local leaders who are responsible for implementing desired changes and charting the future of the community. The comprehensive plan is adopted as an official policy document by the local governing body.

What is a Three-Mile Plan?

Colorado state statutes requires municipalities to adopt a "Three-Mile Plan" for their communities before land can be annexed and must generally describe the location, character, extent of streets, parks, open space, public utilities and proposed land uses.  The purpose of this plan is to indicate in a general way how a City envisions areas that are up to three miles outside their boundaries developing in the future if they were to be annexed.  The Plan is incorporated in the City's Comprehensive Plan.  The plan is available upon request to the Planning Division..

An image of the 3-mile plan map, showing the Wheat Ridge boundary and surrounding areas within 3 …