The City of Wheat Ridge has adopted regulations pertaining to the regulation of signs, found in Article VII of Chapter 26 of the City Code, also called the sign code.

Permanent signs such as wall signs or ground mounted (freestanding) signs require a building permit. If painted signs or window/door signs are proposed separately from a larger sign package submittal, then a zoning permit is required.  All sign contractors are required to license with the city prior to erecting any signage, except for painted and window/door signs.

Permit Submittals

Signage typically requires a building permit which should include the following information with the application:

  • Sign detail with dimensions (including height if freestanding) and electrical and/or structural information (if applicable)
  • Site plan showing the location of the sign, proposed setbacks (if freestanding), and dimensions of building/tenant space (if a wall sign)
  • Face/copy changes are exempt building permits if no modifications to the sign structure, cabinets, supports, or electricity are being made. 
  • Painted signs and window/door signs not part of a larger sign package require a Zoning Permit Application, but not a building permit. 

Sign Standards