Construction In City Right Of Way

Municipal Contractor License

All contractors, including sub-contractors, working in the City Right of Way (ROW) are required to be licensed.

Applicants must submit the following documents with the Municipal Contractor License Application:
  • Certificate of insurance showing current liability coverage, naming the City as the certificate holder
  • Proof of workers compensation
  • License and permit bond for $10,000 - The license/permit bond must include wording "will comply with local ordinances" and the bonding company is aware each permit pulled under the license has a 2-year warranty period.
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Lawful Presence Affidavit
Please Note: The Lawful Presence Affidavit Form is required with license application only if business is not a corporation or an LLC. This form also requires submitting ID and form must be notarized.

ROW Construction Permit

Please Note: The ROW Construction Permit Application has recently been updated with fee changes.
  • Permit applicant must have a current Municipal Contractors License to obtain a Permit to work in the City's ROW
  • Subcontractors working under permit are also required to have a current Municipal Contractors License
  • All permit requests must have a Traffic Control Plan submitted with permit application
  • Any work being done in the City ROW requires a ROW Construction Permit. A surcharge will be assessed if found working in ROW without a permit.
  • Work being done on Sheridan, Wadsworth, Kipling and Ward Rd requires permitting through CDOT. These are state highways.
  • ROW work is NOT included in Building Permits (i.e., curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm sewer / drains, etc.)
  • Water / sanitary sewer lines are not owned by the City. They are owned by Special Districts and require license and permits through the specific District to work on the lines in addition to the required permits to work in the City street / ROW. The Districts inspect the work on the lines. The City inspects the fill and patch. For District boundaries you may call (303) 205-7615 or view maps to the Water and Sewer District boundary lines.
  • Inspections must be scheduled 24 hours in advance
  • Small cell facilities in the right-of-way must complete this entire application packet and be submitted by appointment with the planner of the day.  Call 303-235-2846 with questions or to schedule.

Permit Testing & Inspection Requirements

Please Note: The Permit Testing & Inspection Requirements are periodically updated. The recent changes will be highlighted yellow. The most current copy is available online or by contacting the Engineering office at (303) 205-7615.