Application Forms & Requirements

Municipal Contractor License: 

ROW Construction: 

Permit Testing & Inspection Requirements

For a copy of the Permit and Testing Inspection requirements please reach out to the Public Works Construction office by phone 303-205-7615 or by Email.

Site Grading: 
A grading permit is required for all operations not associated with a building permit that disturbs an area of one (1) acre or more in size, or that disturbed areas that are less than one (1) acre or are part of a larger common plan of development that is larger than one (1) acre in size.

For the Application for Grading Permit please reach out to Public Works Construction at 303-205-7615 or by Email

Block Party:

Banner and Bus Shelter Advertising:

 For Banner and Bus Shelter Advertising Policy & Procedures and Request form please reach out to Public Works Operations at 303-205-7600 or by Email