Pre-application Conference

What is a pre-app meeting?

For most types of land use or development applications, the City requires a pre-application meeting.  The "pre-app" is an informal way for a potential applicant to inform the City of their project and for the City's Development Review Team to inform an applicant of any applicable code requirements or review processes.  A pre-app almost always makes a project go smoother.  For this reason, the pre-app is not only a resource, but also a requirement prior to the submittal of most applications including, but not limited to, any zone change, subdivision, development, or a significant change in use. 

What project or property information do I need to provide?

A written narrative and schematic site plan are required submittals for most pre-apps.  Applicants are discouraged from preparing detailed designs which may require extensive revision as a result of the pre-application conference.  It is acceptable for any drawings to be preliminary in nature; site plans and plats are not required to be professionally drawn, but should be scaled, labeled, and legible.

The more information an applicant can provide, the more feedback staff can offer.  Additional submittal information can also include:
  • Specific uses proposed
  • Parking plan
  • Proposed construction timing
  • Architectural elevations or examples that show roof material and color, materials, and windows
  • Site plan concepts including building orientation, landscaping, lighting and signs
  • Grading concepts

How can I schedule a pre-application meeting?

Complete and return this pre-app meeting request form along with the submittal information described above.  The fee associated with a pre-application meeting is $200.

For questions about pre-application submittals or schedule a pre-app meeting contact Alayna Olivas-Loera at 303-235-2852 or