Development Review

Review Process

All developments are initiated by a City of Wheat Ridge Land Use Application or Building Permit processed through the Community Development Department. Documents and plans submitted with Building Permit Applications are referred to all internal reviewing agencies by the Building Division. Land Use Applications will have a city planner assigned as Case Manager, and the submitted documents and plans will be sent out by that Case Manager to all reviewing agencies (such as the Engineering Division).

Other than single-unit and duplex dwellings, the majority of Land Use and Building Permit Applications will require civil engineering and land surveying documents to ensure proper construction of the development. The Planning Division Case Manager will inform you of the specific requirements for your land use application and the Building Division checklist should outline the Building Permit Application requirements. All civil engineering and land surveying submittals are referred to the Engineering Division for review. The Engineering Division Information Packet for Commercial and Residential Developments contains commonly needed information to assist you with the Engineering Division development review process.