Land Surveying

City Datum

All documents containing a legal description, such as an Outline Development Plan, Final Development Plan, Final Plat, Right-of-Way Deed, or Easement, must be on the City of Wheat Ridge Current City Datum.

The Current City Datum consists of the following:

  • Horizontal Datum - A ground-based modified form of the NAD83/92 (NAD83 HARN) State Plane coordinate system, Colorado Central Zone 0502.
  • Vertical Datum - North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88).

Please read this important information PRIOR to completion of field surveys.

The Current City Datum monumentation information, City's Geodetic Surveying Requirements, and the Final Plat Review checklist used by staff in the plat review process are all contained in the Land Surveying Information Packet for land developers.


While land surveying monuments such as the NGS Primary Control points and sixteenth or other aliquot corners lying within the City network may be used for GPS, topographical, ALTA, or other applicable land surveys, they cannot be used in section ties on Final Plats per City Code. Chapter 26, Article IV, Section 26-410 of the Municipal Code of Laws states that all section ties shall exclusively be to Section Corners, Quarter-Section Corners, or PHAC monuments.

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