Active Development Projects

At any one time, there are many private development projects that are actively seeking approvals or under construction in Wheat Ridge. The Private Development section of this map shows all projects that are under review, pending a hearing, approved/pending construction, or under construction. To view the map please visit the Projects and Properties Map page

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Some types of projects require public hearings. These include zone changes and some site plans (called Specific Development Plans). When a project is scheduled for hearing, the hearing date(s) will be added to the map linked above. The case will be posted on Wheat Ridge Speaks about 10 days prior to the hearing. Other types of projects are eligible for administrative or staff-only review. These include most subdivisions and most site plans. Administrative cases do not have public comment periods. Whether or not a case requires a public hearing is determined by the city’s municipal code.  

Learn more about public meetings, public hearings, and how to participate with this short guide

Contact the zoning division for more information at 303-234-5931 or